It is very unfortunate that 4 low intensity bomb blasts took place inside the Premises of the Mahabodhi Temple. But, with devine blessings there were no damages on the Mahabodhi Temple structures, the Holy Bodhi Tree and other monuments inside the temple premises. There was also no casualty except 2 persons injured by the 1st Bomb blast that took place at 5.40 A.M. near the south side enclosure of Holy Bodhi Tree. But, the Holy Bodhi Tree and it’s enclosure are intact. The usual prayer chanting started from 5.30 A.M. was going on inside the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple when the 1st blast took place. The 2nd Bomb blast occurred after about 2 minutes at Animesh Lochna Temple at the east of the temple. The blast damaged the wooden book shelves of the scriptures kept there. The 3rd bomb blast occurred at the Butter lamp house in the southern part of the temple complex. Mobile Clinic Ambulance of BTMC which was parked there got damaged due to that 3rd blast. The 4th bomb blast inside the temple premises took place at the north side of the temple inside a small shrine. But, there was no damage on the image of the Buddha inside it.

One low intensity blast at 80 ft. Buddha Statue, 3 blast at Tergar Monastery and one at a bus parked at Sujata bye pass, between 5:40 to 6:00 A.M., 7th July 2013. But, there were no major damages on properties and no one was hurt by the blasts.

Sri Nitish Kumar, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar along with top Government officials paid a visit to the Temple and also to other places of incidents

The situation is now normal and under control. The main Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple remains continuously open without disturbance for prayers and routine rituals by BTMC monks. The visitors to the temple will be allowed by tomorrow on completion of the investigation by the Government Security Agencies and District Administration.

While we condemn this dasterdly act, we also request the support and cooperation of all the peace loving people of the world for maintaining the sanctity of this ancient holy shrine of reverence.


(Nangzey Dorjee)                                                                                                         (Balamurugan D.)

Member Secretary,                                                                                                       Chairman B.T.M.C.-cum

  BTMC                                                                                                                         District Magistrate, Gaya