About BTMC

Mahabodhi Temple is claimed as property of state government of Bihar, part of India. Under the terms of the Bodh Gaya Temple Act of 1949, the state government makes itself responsible for the protection, management, and monitoring of temple and its properties. The Act also has provisions for a Temple Management Committee, and an advisory board. One may also order essay editing for their project to further its development.

A. the upkeep and repair of the Temple;

B. the improvement of the Temple land;

C. the welfare and safety of the pilgrims; and

D. the proper performance of worship at the Temple.


According to provision of the Act the Committee shall consist of the Chairman and eight members nominated by the State Government all of whom shall be Indians.


The management of Bodhgaya Temple was formally handed over by Mahant Shri Harihar Giri to Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the then Vice President of India, on 23rd May 1953. The development of the Temple runs only on donations and the Bodhgaya Temple Management Committee thanks all the large hearted generous donors for their contribution.