Press Release

Appeal open letter


BodhgayaTemple Management Committee


          We are pleased to announce to the people in general and Buddhists in particular worldwide that the unfortunate incident of   attacks by Anti Social elements with serial bomb blasts inside the Mahabodhi Temple, a World Heritage Site and also at other 2 important temples in Bodhgaya  on 7th July, 2013 (Sunday) could not defile the sanctity of this holiest place of Buddhist pilgrimage on earth.   No damages were occurred by the blasts on the Temple monuments and the Holy Bodhi Tree. By this incident, we are further strengthened to stand up to affirm our re-dedication to the Lord Buddha to overcome the ill acts of ignorant souls  through practice of  tolerance and compassion and promote Peace and Harmony on earth.


            A Peace prayer initiated by all temples and monasteries in Bodhgaya, under the banner of International Buddhist Council,  was convened under the Holy Bodhi Tree at 5 P.M on 8th July, 2013 (Monday). The entry of pilgrims/ visitors to the Temple was reopened at 6 P.M in the same evening. It was followed by a number of Peace prayer sessions inside the Temple premises including Candle light Peace prayers. There was no disturbance in the routine prayer/chanting performance by the BTMC resident monks right from the unfortunate day of 7th July, 2013.   The main door of the Sanctum Sanctorum of Mahabodhi Temple remained open from 5 A.M to 9 P.M   daily  without interruption.

            Now, there is complete normalcy at Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, except tighter security protocols which are a must and we expect and appeal for full support and cooperation by each and every one of you. The Police Administration has provided high alert security arrangements within Temple complex and also at other surrounding areas in Bodhgaya as precautionary measures. There is no need to worry about the safety and security of pilgrims in Bodhgaya. All pilgrims in group or individual are welcome freely to Bodhgaya without any fear and in secured feelings. We condemn all rumour mongers backed by vested interests and we appeal for unity of goodness in the society.  

            BTMC is holding a Peace Prayers meet of Heads / Representatives of all religious faiths joined by monks, nuns, lay devotees and well wishers in Bodhgaya today the 14th July, 2013 (Sunday) at 5. PM under the Holy Bodhi  Tree of Mahabodhi Temple.

            We appeal each and every one of you to join in the Peace Prayers at Bodhgaya physically or mentally to promote World Peace and in particular to  maintain the sanctity of this Holy place  which promotes universal Peace through the Messages of Buddha.

(Nangzey Dorjee)                                                                                


Member Secretary, B.T.M.C.  

(Balamurugan D.)

Chairman, BTMC-cumDistrict Magistrate, Gaya